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Attention spans are short and you only have a second to make an impression. If you have been dreaming of a website you can feel confident sharing, it’s time to wake up those sleepy web pages and

Awaken Your Brand

Perfect for service based businesses that want to feel confident as they grow their businesses. 


“looks like artwork on my website and funnels.”

"Angie has such a creative eye and talent for bringing all of my ideas into, what now looks like artwork on my website and funnels. I tried to do it myself spending hours in areas that were wasting my time.... I called Angie and she made it all come together and fixed it all up! What a difference! I wish I would have called her sooner so I could focus on what I do best instead of the headaches of the tech world."
Shawna 'RubyKay' Allred
Shawna Allred
Mindset Coach -Speaker - Event Specialist

If you're here because you want to:

⏩ Feel like your website just doesn’t “fit” anymore

⏩ Feel like you don’t have the time to put all the tech pieces together

⏩  Have to explain your website being “under construction” when someone asks for your link

⏩ Have great ideas but you don’t know where to start

⏩ Don’t want to look and sound like all the other businesses in your niche

⏩ Want to create an uncomplicated, irresistible offer

If you’re here because you:

Feel like your website just doesn’t “fit” anymore

Feel like you don’t have the time out to put all the tech pieces together

Have to explain your website being “under construction” when someone asks for your link

Have seen success, but you’re ready to scale & uplevel your vibe.

Don’t want to look and sound like all the other businesses in your niche

Want to create an uncomplicated, irresistible offer

And most of all you're ready to make an IMPACT in the world.

That's where I come in.
Awaken Design Solution exists to help wake up your ideas and bring them to life. Perfect for businesses that are bursting to grow and scale.

I've got good news! You can stop exhausting yourself by trying to do it all on your own.

It’s time to take a breath of relief, and focus on what you are best at…
making a difference in the world by serving your clients.


winning-funnel-image- Awaken Design Solutions - Web Design, Surprise Arizona

It’s time to convey feelings of trust with your audience through

high-quality, done-for-you branding & web pages that make you feel confident when sharing your links.

You can:

So where do you
see yourself getting started?

Hi I'm Angie

Lover of laughing over coffee with friends & long walks with my pup.

I’m the owner of Awaken Design Solutions. I help coaches, entrepreneurs, and team leaders unscramble all of the big ideas that are scribbled down on napkins & post-it notes. My superpower is bringing them to life through brand strategy. The brand strategy then creates a customized approach to designing your logo, brand assets, and then into your website and sales funnels. 

I create designs that help convert your leads into lifelong clients by letting them see YOU through all of your online platforms. I am passionate about making each design into something personalized and uniquely branded so that you can become easily recognizable, have more success, and make more money. 


FG Society -Certified Master Marketer-Angie Hardison
Official Design Hacker - Angie Hardison - Click Funnels Design School
about me - Angie Hardison -awaken design solutions - Branding and Websites

As a mom, wife, and an entrepreneur myself, I get that your time is precious. I help you fulfill all the ideas in your head so you can focus on what is most important to you. I believe in having more fun, laughter, and less stress while growing a business that fulfills you and creates a transformative experience for your clients.

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People Are Saying...

I wanted to be able to maintain my website myself and not have to rely on someone else all the time, but I needed help! Working with her has been helpful it looks more professional. I loved how it wasn’t just done, there was a walkthrough after of how I can update and make changes later on. She is very knowledgeable and helpful, and has a great eye. Working with Angie will help relieve a lot of stress of setting up your website.
Robyn Ludlow - Client Testimonial - Awaken Design Solutions
Robyn Ludlow
Virtual Assistant
Angie does a professional job with website design and other pathways to guide your customers through the experience you choose to create for them. She is amazing at getting clear on who your audience is and the vibe you yourself put out in the world. The product she creates reflects who you are and who you connect with and offer solutions for.
Pam Spinker- Client Testimonial - Awaken Design Solutions
Pam Spinker
Homeschool Mentor- Author - Speaker
I absolutely loved working with Angie to create my logo/branding! She really understood what I was looking for. I get compliments all the time on my logo and branding!
Cassie Jennings - Client Testimonial - Awaken Design Solutions
Cassie Jennings
Owner - Shine Coffee
I was honestly just looking for someone to create a website and Angie coached me through the entire process of bringing my business to life. She's been there every step of the way and taking the time to explain how everything works. She's always there to answer any questions I have about my business. I highly recommend her work.
LaPora Lindsey - Client Testimonial - Awaken Design Solutions
LaPora Lindsey
Speaker- Coach - Author
The communication during the process was very good. Angie is very talented, professional and has a great eye for design. I can’t wait till we are able to work together again!
Bernadette Pannier -Client Testimonial - Awaken Design Solutions
Bernadette Pannier
Author - Speaker- Sales Expert

You don't have to feel overwhelmed by rebranding your business.

If you are ready to be clear and consistent in how you show up online, and you’re tired of trying to figure out your website or sales pages on your own, there is no better time to get started!

Your first steps are:


Apply today to get started by filling out a quick questionnaire. This helps me determine if we are a good fit. If you are serious and motivated, I may move you to the top of my list!


If we both choose to move forward, I will send you a link to my calendar to book a call. From there you can ask any questions and I can give you a personalized quote for your project.


After our call, If we both feel comfortable moving forward, I draft and send over a custom proposal, contract and invoice. Then we can get started bringing your ideas to life.

Spots on my calendar are filling fast, don't delay!

When I partner with you, your vision becomes my vision. Your goals become my goals, together we can do amazing things!

 If you are serious about growing your business we may be a good fit.

I would love to help you help more people!

Get started today!