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Let’s face it, people are genuinely curious about PEOPLE. I think the rise of the reality TV phenomenon proves that. People want to peek behind the curtain, they want to know what’s going on, how did they do that, or why did they start doing that? It makes the brand RELATABLE… so don’t skimp here!

Did you know the About page is generally the 2nd most visited page on a website after the home page?

When I dive into my review process for any website, this is one page that almost always needs some improvement. This is your time to SHINE. Talk about yourself… in a way that creates authority that YOU (your company) are the answer to someone’s problem. A good About page is a great place to help your audience get to know you. To become the trusted, go-to person in your space, so don’t skimp here.

Here are 7 things a great Website About Page should include:

1- Images of YOU and if you have a team- give them some page real estate as well.

This is especially important if your business name is NOT your own. People buy from PEOPLE, especially in the service industry. They want to trust you.

Get some professional photos done. Or if you’re just starting out, have a friend take photos of you so that you have some decent photos to start out with!

If you have a team you work with feature them too, a couple of fun facts or achievements will not only let your customers know about them but also make them feel like a valued part of the business.

2. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, include photos of the business, let people SEE the inside, and why they should feel comfortable visiting.

3. Vision/ Mission/ Values statement (THE WHY of your business) Share it so that people can see why you exist and what kind of difference you want to make in the world.

4. How you got started – what led you to this type of store/ business This is your origin story. Why on earth did you decide to start… what was your first a-ha moment?

5. Authority– Why they should listen to you / buy from you? What do you have that others may not? (social proof) This is a place where you can share your achievements, social proof, certifications, awards, features, etc.

6. Testimonials: Show what results you’ve gotten others – this should be sprinkled throughout your site, but this is a great place to create some social proof of how great it is to work with you.

7. Fun facts: So this part is a bit nuanced depending on the type of business and brand feeling… but remember how I said above that people want a peek behind the curtain? This is one way to add in a few fun facts about yourself or your business to make it a bit more relatable, fun, and entertaining. People are here to get to know YOU… so let them in!

Hopefully, this goes without saying, always end your page with some sort of Call To Action. Tell them where to go next on your website, or to your offers. Send them to the contact page to send you a message, or go to the services/offer pages to take their next step towards working with you!

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