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Meta crashed this morning.

Now let’s be clear, this is NOT the end of the world, I get that…. BUT if you’re running an online business and social media is the main way you connect with people who may want to buy your products or services… this can shock the system. I had a TON of calls and texts this morning asking if mine was in fact, out too.

Let me tell you a little story…

Once upon a time, I was at a business seminar. The speaker was talking to us about systems and processes.

This is what the speaker said, (he was speaking to network marketer leaders, so they have fairly large teams) and he asked this: If you needed to let your WHOLE team know of a major change happening, or an emergent situation… how fast could you do it… And how many traffic sources could you reach them within just a few minutes? KEEP in mind, not everyone is on FB, not everyone checks their email diligently. His words hit me like a ton of bricks, because even if I reached out, they may not see it! And to be honest, my leads and customers were ALL over the place. At the time my team’s primary communication was via Facebook. I know not everyone is there, but it seemed the easiest place to connect, but the truth is less than 2% of your contacts see your FB posts… so they may miss the announcement!

I sat stunned. I was not doing a great job at this. At the time (if I’m really honest) I LOATHED email, I rarely even checked my email… and I texted people all of the time, but most of my social media contacts were NOT saved into my phone.

I had been in business for myself pretty much my WHOLE adult life. I had a ton of phone numbers, emails and contacts. Between my phone contacts and social media, I knew I had a lot of contacts. I had software that I used to book appointments, but I wasn’t tracking the last time I spoke to them. I also knew I had past friends and family members whom I had scribbled down in an old pen-to-paper little book. I still held onto this book, for lord knows what reason! I knew I hadn’t updated those contacts recently. LOL

I vowed to myself to do better. 

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A couple of years later, I had a friend who got some serious cyberbullying going on, and, fearful for her life and her family, she took down ALL of her social media for a time. When she did she lost THOUSANDS of contacts. Of course, it was worth it to her at that time to keep her family safe, but from a business perspective, it was crippling. 

Think about it, if you lost EVERY contact you had via social media… how many people would you lose touch with? Perhaps you don’t have their actual phone numbers in your contact list… You only know them in the online space. It can be an eye-opening lesson. 

So how are you doing at tracking your leads, customers, and business partners? Are you connecting with them in different places and platforms? If yes, good for you!

If you struggle in this area, let’s see how we can get you a good system set up!

You can use things like

  • A good CRM system that makes sense to YOUR business goals
  • Building your email list through lead magnets or other attraction marketing
  • Growing relationships through an SMS system

Make sure ALL your bases are covered for the people who choose to hear from you!

Automated or not, businesses are at their foundation, relationships with PEOPLE. And whether it’s simple or automated, most business owners I work with all need to continually improve this. (myself included!) 

If you need help with systems, creating your lead magnet, pipelines, or anything else,  let’s chat!  I love helping people get their systems in place to grow their lists and build stronger businesses. 

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