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7 Ways Your Brand Colors Influence Perception 

Choosing the right colors for your business or personal brand

Choosing the right colors for a brand design or redesign is vitally important.  It’s less about picking colors you like, and more about emotions and strategy. 

I once had a friend who got a “free” logo along with a mastermind she was a part of. Great perk, right? She came to me frustrated afterward, not knowing why the logo wasn’t hitting well with her. The design itself was good, with simple clean lines, but the colors weren’t working. It was a brand that taught gun safety. The focus of the brand was for women seeking to defend themselves should dangerous situations arise.  The colors they started with were beach-type shades of corals and teals. They liked the colors, but they didn’t work with the serious nature of the brand & industry itself.  

She ended up changing the core colors to darker versions of navy, dark teal, and burgundy. Once they did, it clicked. These colors were deep enough to add trust and seriousness, while still giving an air of femininity to the brand. 

The lesson was that while it’s easy to sometimes choose the shape or image type we want for our logo, without strategy and making solid color choices, it may flop, or feel “off” until it is corrected. This is another great reason I don’t do one-off logos. Without the strategy and a great understanding of the brand as a whole, it may give off a completely different feeling than we intend. 

Here are 7 reasons why choosing the right colors is essential for your brand. 

1. The power of first impressions: 

Colors play a crucial role in forming first impressions. The colors of your logo, website, or store will have them feeling a certain way before they ever have a 1:1 encounter with you. Make sure the colors you choose give off the emotion you are wanting to convey. 

2. Evoke emotions through color: 

There is a reason that banks and hospitals use a lot of blues in their brand visuals. Restaurants use a lot of reds and yellows. There is a time and place for a brand to stand out and do something different. However, the feelings that colors bring about are helpful in building brand trust, and the opportunity that comes along with it. 

Here are some examples: 

  • Blues instill trust and, non-threatening, loyalty, comfort
  • Red instills feelings of confidence, boldness, passionBlues instill trust and, non-threatening, loyalty, comfort
  • Yellow may bring on feelings of happiness, excitement, and originality
  • Lavender may bring about femininity and tranquility, elegance and grace

I could go on, but you get the point. These emotions can resonate with specific industries. They can also create feelings in customers and clients.  

3. Building a brand identity:

Consistent use of color in your brand will help your business establish a strong and recognizable brand identity. Think about the green colors that is used on the Starbucks logo, or the McDonald’s Yellow arches. Most of us will recognize those brand colors a mile away. Your brand is no different. Keep it consistent and be recognized faster by your audience. 

These brands in the image use their iconic colors and logos

4. Understanding your target audience:

 Consider your audience currently. What is their preference? Look at your existing testimonials, do any descriptive words come up? Knowing your demographic’s preferences can help you guide color choices. 

Images of popular, iconic brands. Apple, McDonalds, Starbucks, Barbie. Branding elements using symbols and color, but not words.

5. Cultural influences:

Consider cultural and contextual factors when choosing colors. Certain colors may carry different meanings in various cultures. 

6. Color combinations:

Colors can work well with each other, or contrast against each other. Pair colors by using a tool like; to help you find some colors that work well together. Choose 2-4 core colors, then my rule of thumb is to add one very light neutral and one very dark neutral to balance out and give you a well-rounded brand palate. This will give you options and work with various backgrounds.

7. Know your vision:

Doing work on your brand strategy, like knowing your mission, vision, and core values can help this process by better defining your brand. Choosing colors based on not today’s goals, and the more long-term goals for the brand. That’s not to say the brand visuals can’t or won’t change over time, or to become memorable you want it to be able to grow with your brand over several years time.

As you can see, the brand colors chosen are not as simple as picking out something pretty on Pinterest (I wish it were!) Make sure you spend some time really researching and learning what will convert well with your overall goals. 

If you want more guidance on this topic, check out my Brand Personality Guidebook, where I do a deeper dive into finding your brand voice, personality, and even a color personality slider to help you on your journey to branding your business well. 

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