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The Down And Dirty On Why I Switched To FG Funnels 

My all in one digital solution - FG funnels and why i switched. Image is a person pointing to crm software reflection.

I’m completely obsessed with all the things this software can do!

I’ve always been what some might call multi-passionate. Let’s say I’ve hardly ever had just one job. Not because I’m a workaholic, but because I get bored easily. I get depressed when I don’t stay busy and I know this about myself so I always have several irons in the fire to keep me happy. I like to engage my right AND my left brain and bounce back and forth between them. (more on that another time)

Why am I rambling on about this? Great question. Because the first time I built a website was when I had a thriving hair business. I had a VERY basic website from the platform I used to book my appointments. It was ok, but I wanted something more. I also had a little network marketing side hustle. I wanted a hub where I could talk about both of my businesses without any trouble. I wanted people that were curious could learn about both businesses.

So I dove in with both feet to a Weebly website. It was a page-builder I could do myself. Fantastic! It took me HOURS AND HOURS even to learn that simple site.

In fact, the first time a friend asked if I would build her one, I SAID NO, not because I wouldn’t want to, but because I had zero free time and the time it took me to put it together was A LOT. 

And I HONESTLY had zero idea if I was doing it right. In fact, it wasn’t until that site had been up for 3-4 YEARS… yep I said YEARS that I figured out I could use keywords on it, but I digress…what’s my point? I had zero idea how to grow a list… or why I needed one in the first place. (I hated checking email, so why should I send someone emails?) OH, how my opinions have changed! 


From my now skilled eyes, that first ideation was AWFUL…but I did it myself and I was proud of that fact.

Fast forward a few years, and I started learning about sales funnels and the world of paid ads. I got a Lead-Pages site to house my funnels. The layout templates were decent. Within a day or two I understood the basic principle of how to build pages in there.

It was more money than I had ever paid for software, but it worked for the time I needed it, but the problem was I also needed:

  • A website to house all the branches of my businesses
  • A funnel builder to build squeeze pages and sales pages for my offers & ads
  • An email autoresponder. I needed to deliver my freebie and start building and nurturing an email list.
  • A video platform for my videos and webinars to house my videos
  • A form builder to ask questions for people who wanted to apply to work with me
  • A calendar platform for people who were ready to book a call with me
  • A texting software to keep in touch and nurture relationships
  • And I still needed Google email because email autoresponders are one-to-many, not one-to-one. I had service-based businesses, so that was a must.

I was all over the place. Duct-taping software together (Zapier anyone?)

This led to quite a monthly bill of software I never knew I always needed. Keep in mind I was making money yet.

But oh, the automation of it all made my heart, and both sides of my brain SMILE… yes a brain can smile… just go with it

After the novelty wore off, I had to figure out how much of that software I actually needed, and what I could let go of. My email list is still tiny, but I knew I would need that to have any business at all. By this point, I had learned BOTH Click Funnels and WordPress pretty well and had some BIG decisions to make. I knew I would like to Click Funnels better than LeadPages, and I did. Much more and you could do WAY more in the way of customizations with and without CSS code. PLUS I took a course on building it, so I may as well get what I paid for! I did love that course 100% and it solidified my passion for funnel building.

I was feeling a little disenchanted though. I was still paying quite a bit and not feeling like I was getting all I could out of what I was using. After all, my business was still barely getting off the ground.

So from there I pretty much went between Click Funnels and WordPress for a while. I made some pretty nice sites for friends and started building for clients too.

I learned a LOT within those first couple of years. What I like, what I don’t like, and though a lot of that software is necessary, there had to be a better way.

I started doing some side work for a couple of people who built in Kajabi. I loved the “all in one” platform idea. But that one still had a ways to go in the way of encompassing all I needed, and it didn’t offer as much as some others. And then I stumbled into taking some courses from Funnel Gorgeous. the education was stellar… as a designer watching Cathy work and being able to learn from her was inspiring. I decided to give the software a try. I had learned about GoHighLevel from another company, but never actually tried it. (GoHigh Level is the core that FG is built on. I was in AWE of all the things it could do!

When I started taking courses from the FG Funnels girls, I knew they had software, but I had NO idea how powerful it was.

Just look at what I was able to replace!

Website + Blog
Funnel Builder
Email AutoResponder
Video housing platform
Text Platform
Form Builder
Gmail for individual emailing
Texting Service
Billing & Invoicing System
Social Scheduler
Course Platform 
Automations to make it all work together
FG Funnels
I still use my text service because it integrates with FG
I still have my larger website on WP because I have group hosting for my WP clients (but FG does offer blog options on their website now… so who knows… that may move some day too!) 
Zoom (because I like talking to humans)

And the best part is, I have ONE password to remember. ONE…. not 11 different ones with 11 different billing timeframes. ONE. Truth be told, I still have a few loose ends I’m waiting to expire and move over. It’s been over a year now, and I am completely in love with this software. Like, lock me up obsessed with all the things it can do! And the automations… oh the automations make it all worth it. The customer support is OUTSTANDING.  (and I’m picky about customer support)

Education: They have a course that walks you through the entire process of setting things up.

Support: LIVE yes Live… like get on Zoom and talk to a human if there is something you don’t understand. They have that 5 days a week. So YES FG Funnels is my new home and one I am completely sold on right now.

So there’s ALL the good… what’s the catch?

With any software, you’re always going to have a learning curve. It does take a hot minute to learn… I’m not going to lie. But once you get it down it’s so good. It has taken me a while…. a LONG while to figure out the email system… but I’ve finally gotten the hang of it.

There are still things we are waiting for, but are in the pipeline and should be in soon. Things like a community feature for courses. A Document signature feature. And a customer dashboard. (at least those are the things I am looking forward to!)

Now if only I could decide on project management tools… ah but that’s another story for another day!

If you’re ready to make a switch in your software stack and want to read more about FG, click below

Or, if you’d like me to walk you through it a bit, or just take a look and see if it’s possible to simplify your own Frankenstein version of a software stack… I’m happy to hop on a call with you. You can book a chat HERE.

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