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9-Step Deep Dive into the Web Design Process

website design process -behind the scenes

So, you need a new website. Seems simple enough, right? But as you delve into the process, you realize that building a website can be quite an undertaking, especially for a new or relaunching business. Suddenly, you’re faced with a choice: tackle it solo, wading through hours of mind-numbing YouTube tutorials, or enlist the expertise of someone like me to guide you through the journey and emerge with a website you’ll be proud to share with the world.

I understand – it can be a daunting task! Today, I will demystify the web design process, offering you a peek behind the curtain from our first meeting to the launch of your new 24/7 business partner – your website. 

To keep things manageable and clear, let’s break it down into 9 phases:

Phase 1: Discovery

Every project begins with a quick call to ensure we’re a good fit for each other. During this 15-30-minute chat, I’ll get to know you and your business, asking questions about your goals, current and desired clientele, current strategies, and more. You’ll be able to ask me ALL the questions you have as well. 

If we’re both on board and ready to move forward, we’ll discuss the investment, and if you’re comfortable with the proposal, we’ll move forward with a formal agreement and initial deposit to start the design process. 

Phase 2: Onboarding

Once we’ve sealed the deal, I’ll guide you through our customer portal and provide you with your first set of tasks. 

Some of the “homework” may include, providing secure access to your account (if you have existing hosting) and collecting any copywriting and images you have already created. Also if you have any concepts you would like considered for the design this is the time to collect them to discuss. 

We’ll also schedule a kickoff strategy session to delve deep into your brand, vision, and expectations. This session generally lasts about 1-1.5 hours. 

Phase 3: Research

While you tackle your tasks, I’ll be busy conducting behind-the-scenes research into your ideal customers and industry competitors, ensuring our design decisions are rooted in data and strategy. 

In Phase 3, it’s essential to delve into background research to ensure the best user experience for your clients. Drawing on my background in marketing, sales, and artistic design, I approach this phase with a dual perspective.

Firstly, I examine your business through your lens as the owner, considering your goals, industry standards, and what sets you apart from others in your field. This allows us to craft a unique perspective that distinguishes your brand within your niche. 

Then, I shift gears to view your business from the standpoint of your customers. What are their preferences and expectations? How can we design your website to make it intuitive and effortless for them to navigate and take action, whether it’s booking a call, joining your email list, or making a purchase?

By adopting these two lenses, I ensure that every aspect of your website is strategically crafted to resonate with both you and your target audience, fostering engagement and driving conversions.

If you choose a package with copywriting assistance, this is also the stage in which we go through an additional meeting with Q&A as well as some questionnaires to help nail down the offer and brand voice. – This way you can be doing some of the writing homework while I am completing the branding portion of the design process. – Some clients also choose to work with a separate copywriter for this stage. I do have referrals if you need one! 

Phase 4: Brand Visuals

(if you already have a strong brand identity and visuals, we skip this phase and move on to phase 5) 

In this phase, I leverage the insights gathered from our previous phases to embark on crafting a visual direction that encapsulates the essence of your brand. This journey begins with the creation of mood boards, where we explore various styles, colors, and visual elements to establish a cohesive aesthetic.

Moving from inspiration to execution, I then translate these concepts into hand-drawn sketches of logo concepts. Each sketch is meticulously crafted to capture the core identity of your brand, embodying its values and aspirations. These initial sketches serve as the foundation upon which we build your unique visual identity.

Once we’ve identified the most promising concepts, I transition to digital design, bringing your chosen sketches to life on the computer. Throughout this process, I meticulously evaluate each design for scalability, ensuring that your logo remains impactful whether displayed on a business card or a billboard. I also optimize for versatility, ensuring your logo shines on both light and dark backgrounds, and across horizontal and vertical layouts.

As we refine and perfect the design, I create additional brand assets to complement your logo, such as sub marks, favicons, and color variations. These assets are compiled into a Google Drive folder, providing you with easy access to all the visual elements of your brand for seamless integration across various platforms and applications. With your brand assets in hand, you’ll be equipped to confidently showcase your brand identity to the world

Website design process

Phase 5: Planning & Design

With your brand visuals in hand, I’ll map out your website’s structure and design its layout, focusing on user experience and accessibility. 

First, create a wireframe that will map out exactly what pages we will have an where in the navigation they will be placed. 

Next, I begin the design process with a design mockup that will give you a thorough idea of how the website will look once completed. This step ensures that I am on the right track with what you are envisioning as well and it helps me decide what colors and elements I’ll be using within the look of the pages so that the design choices are made before the actual development of the website begins. 

You’ll have the chance to review and provide feedback before we proceed to the next phase to ensure you are happy with the design. 

Phase 6: Development/Buildout

Here’s where the magic happens – I’ll bring your website to life, setting up domains, integrating design elements, and optimizing for mobile responsiveness. With your final content and design plan in place, I’ll create each page and ensure everything is running smoothly.

Phase 7: Refinements & SEO

Once the initial build is complete, I’ll provide you with a checklist to review and request any necessary refinements. With 2-3 rounds of revisions included in your package, we’ll fine-tune until you’re satisfied.

During this phase, I also dive into front-end SEO and double-check all of the meta-data descriptions and Alt. texts for images are helping you get found on Google and other search engines.

Phase 8: Launch & Offboarding

On launch day, I’ll provide you with launch graphics and support as your site goes live. I’ll remain on call for post-launch support, ensuring any glitches are swiftly addressed.

This phase looks a little different for my pressure launch style funnels, so ask about specific support for those!

Phase 9: Ongoing Support & Maintenance

For those with WordPress websites, or ongoing needs, I do offer ongoing support and maintenance packages to keep your site running smoothly and up-to-date so that you never feel like you’re alone in your website journey. I also offer ongoing strategy sessions for business owners who need some help bringing traffic to their website organically.

With this step-by-step guide, I hope to provide clarity and peace of mind as we embark on this journey together. If you’re ready to get started with your new branding or website, let’s set up your initial complimentary consultation.  Let’s create something amazing for your business!

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