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10 Benefits of a Website Maintenace Plan

That you’ll want for your small business

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The confidence that comes with a completed website is a wonderful feeling.  It feels AMAZING after you first get your shiny new website up and published. You want to tell the world where to find you, and you should! The confidence that comes with a completed website is a wonderful feeling.  Like your business, websites are constantly evolving. You’re never completely done with your website. 

Inevitably a new offer comes up, you get new professional images taken, your team grows… and you need to update that on your website. And heaven forbid something is not working!

My customers love that I make it as easy as possible to help them update their own with a video walkthrough upon completion. And even with that, sometimes it’s worth it to have a plan should an unforeseen crash occur.

Maintenance is always cheaper than repairs

Here are ten reasons you may want to think about a maintenance plan as a small business owner… this is ESPECIALLY important if you have a wordpress website.  

  1. Security Updates: having regular updates helps you to protect your website from security vulnerabilities. It is important to prevent potential hacks and breaches. Like it or not, viruses and hackers are out there and you need someone checking in on the back end of your website regularly!
  2. Bug Fixes and Compatibility: Bugs happen. Bug fixes are a regular part of ensuring compatibility with the latest plugins, themes, and browsers to maintain a seamless user experience for both you and your customers.
  3. Performance Optimization: Ongoing maintenance keeps the website running smoothly, ensuring fast loading times and optimal performance for visitors.
  4. SEO and Search Rankings: Regular updates and content improvements contribute to higher search engine rankings, leading to increased visibility and organic traffic.
  5. Content Freshness: Regularly updating and adding new content keeps visitors engaged and informed, which also boosts SEO. Regular blog articles, new products and services, and specials will need to be kept up to date. Holiday refresh anyone? 
  6. User Experience and Design: an intuitive user interface creates a positive impression, improving user satisfaction and retention for customers. This includes double-checking that all of the buttons and links on the page are working and going to the correct pages. 
  7. Backup and Disaster Recovery: Regular backups to safeguard against data loss due to unforeseen events or technical issues. Though these can be larger issues that incur a separate expense, having regular backups can give you peace of mind that it will all
  8. Compliance and Legal Considerations: Ongoing maintenance helps ensure the website complies with legal requirements, such as accessibility standards, GDPR, and industry-specific regulations. If you don’t have your policies in place yet, I highly recommend Termageddon.
  9. Analytics and Monitoring: Growing businesses require the benefits of tracking website performance through analytics, and how it helps in making informed decisions for future improvements. Tracking where your leads are coming from, and what they do once on the page is a high-level service and an important one as to not make decisions based on emotions but rather on actual numbers. 
  10. Cost-Effectiveness: Investing in a maintenance plan can save money in the long run by preventing major issues that may require expensive fixes or rebuilds. 

So what happens during website maintenance? A very basic plan will ensure backups of your site so that if anything breaks we can fix it easily. Good hosting plans backup daily in the hosting platform. This is one of the reasons I recommend Siteground for WordPress hosting. But it’s also wise to have a backup on your own computer. Being on a basic maintenance plan will give you that peace of mind. Checking the site speed, making sure links are working and more is also available for these sessions. Higher-end plans may include updates/design hours so that when new offers, images, or specials come up they can be easily added for you, without the headache of wondering if you’re doing it right or if you might break something. Some clients even use these hours for me to plan out their blogs for the month. They write the copy and provide the images, and I make sure they are formatted and posted at the given time.

If you don’t already have a maintenance plan in place, don’t hesitate to set up a chat with me to talk about what options you might need.

I offer website maintenance services at a monthly or yearly fee, depending on what level of support your business needs. I’m happy to hop on a call with you. You can book a chat anytime HERE.

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