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Bernadette P. Branding and Webinar Sales Funnel

Bernadette Pannier – Social Media Maven
Bernadette Pannier - Sales Funnel Design MockUp
Bernadette is a Social Media Maven who coaches corporate businesses as well as online marketers to have a more confident presence online. She had already done a landing page and sales page within Click Funnels. (one of my favorite platforms to build in!) On our consultation we did some updated clarification on her brand style. Her pages were not awful… but they needed some updating; some help with sizes and layout. She LOVED the idea of rose gold with some splashes of animal print. The copy was already stellar so I was in my zone making things layout in a way that highlights the copy and the customer experience. We made it sharp and feminine for her clients. I really loved the result… let me know what you think!
Bernadette Pannier
This project in Click Funnels was so much fun to create. Let me know what you think!

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