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LaPora Lindsey

LaPora Lindsey – Branding, Consulting, Website Design
LaPora Lindsey
LaPora is an up and coming speaker, life coach and soon-to-be author. She needed the whole package including branding and a new website. LaPora loved the idea of sophistication to speak to her ideal client, while keeping things on the website clean and simple. Easy to read and lots of white space. Her Logo is a combination of an L for her name and a ribbon look creating a P shape. Elegant and stylish. The beauty of a WordPress website is that it can grow infinitely with the brand so as her business grows, so can her website design. LaPora-Lindsey_Brand Board
LaPora Lindsey - Speaker- Author -Coach
LaPora Lindsey Brand Board
LaPora Lindsey can be found hanging out over on LinkedIn, and is releasing her first book in Sept. 2022, Look her up!

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