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A Whole Day Customized For You

You know what you want, and you need it DONE… like yesterday. Your never ending to-do list, client and family demands leave you with enough time to make your new funnel or website happen.

Book Me for A VIP Day!

Your customized one-day VIP experience was created with busy entrepreneurs like you in mind. This gets that lingering project crossed off your to-do list, without all the back and forth and without waiting MONTHS on design ideas and lengthy collaborations.

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Traditional projects can take weeks or even months to do… and taking the time to do it yourself… learning new platforms, and setting everything up is just overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be great to book me for a day, and have me crush all the items on your ‘must-do’ list, one by one?

You don’t need an expert full-time, but having one for a couple of days sure would be handy.

Want to learn more about what we can do together?
Angela Lahman Branding and web design project

Graphic Design

  • Print collateral pieces to attract offline targeted audiences to your website (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, posters, banners, and signs)
  • Brand or Event swag (cups, pens, shirts, mugs, etc) 
  • Social media template suite (post templates and customized cover images)
  • Social Media Holiday package (create a year worth of holiday graphics)
  • Flyers, newsletters etc.
Website vs Sales Funnel, which is right for you? Blog- desk with 2 peoples hands planning a website.

Tech or Funnel Day

  • Design and install landing pages
  • Email design & automations 
  • Checklist items of general design or content updates that you need done or fixed on your digital platforms.
  • Create a custom-designed eBook or other PDF style lead-magnet to capture your visitors’ data. This will help attract hot leads to build masses of raving fans and an extensive client mailing database. Complete with tech and email  automation. 
  • Create a customized link page for socials
Refresh and Advance

Website Refresh or Mini-Design

  • If you have all the pieces ready, it may only take a day or two. Let’s work together and get it done FAST.
  • Clean up the overall look and feel of your existing website to accelerate its loading speed, while providing visitors with a pleasant user experience (includes plugin updates and tech).
  • Move your existing website from an outdated or ineffective platform to WordPress, Squarespace, or Funnel Gorgeous and run your business inside your industry like a pro.
  • Create a small- one to two page website- great for service based startups. (e-com sites not included)


You may wonder… ok Angie… what’s the catch? 

Here are some common questions and caveats you may want to consider before booking your VIP Day. 

This is a link arms with you day! Though you don’t need to be on a call with me all day, however I will need you on deck and available by phone or zoom to make quick decisions & feedback for refinements as necessary.  

I commit to getting as much done on your project as possible in the day. This does not always finish a project completely depending on the scope of work. Some larger projects may need 2 or 3 VIP days in order to fully complete the work. In most cases this option is FASTER & FAR MORE AFFORDABLE than having me do the completed project work on a regular basis. 

Generally at least 2-3 weeks out. We do a strategy call (plan for 1 hour) to organize the task list for both of us. then the actual work day is scheduled about 1-2 weeks after that initial strategy call.  

There may be pre-work required prior to our day together. Things such as filling out questionnaires, providing completed copywriting and gathering photos for the project will ensure the success of your VIP day experience.  We allow 1-2 weeks to gather all of this information prior to scheduling the VIP Date on my workflow calendar. 

I do not automate this feature as I will almost always need to move my schedule around to allow for  these intensive days. I however give you 3 options at a time you can choose from once we have established that a VIP Day is the right service for you. 

I do NOT offer VIP/Intensives for brand strategy or brand identity services. These take hours of research and design choices that I feel cannot be rushed. Things like Logos, brand guidelines and the like must be done strategically and it would be a disservice to do that in such a limited time frame.

If however you need services such as social media templates, or a brand board created from an existing brand, that can be added to your VIP Day List.  

Great question!

SO often I have found in the past everyone is excited to get started. (myself included) We go all-in, we set a timeline and inevitably someone gets sick, or a photographer cancels and we can’t get images done in time, or we are waiting on copy or other requirements needed for a project. This may set us back a week, or a few weeks, sometimes MONTHS dragging the project out and bringing  frustration to all parties involved. 

No one wants that! 

Creating a VIP day does a few things. 

  1. It helps us both stay focused and excited to get the project completed fast!
  2. It creates goals and a firm deadline for both of us. 
  3. Peace of mind for you – to know that soon it will be done (or very close to done!) without the project lagging on and on.
  4. Keeps my energy completely focused on YOUR project without distractions of others. 

Yes, but only one project at a time. I am your exclusive designer for the VIP day. 

Once we reach the end of your day, I go over everything I got done, and anything that can be completed on another day. From there I can give you an estimate of what it will take to complete it, you can choose if you want me to do that or if you choose to move forward yourself. 

What is Possible...
"Angie has such a creative eye and talent for bringing all of my ideas into, what now looks like artwork on my website and funnels. I tried to do it myself spending hours in areas that were wasting my time.... I called Angie and within a few days, she made it all come together and fixed it all up! What a difference! I wish I would have called her sooner so I could focus on what I do best instead of the headaches of the tech world.?
RubyKay Customer Review
Speaker - Coach - Author

Here’s what every intensive includes:

✅ Access to my exclusive guides and questionnaires for the pre-work

✅ A 60-minute kick-off strategy call

✅ Day of intensive 8 hours exclusive attention on your project(s)

✅ Post-intensive walkthrough video 

✅ 30 days post-intensive Voxer support for any follow-up questions


Your Investment:  $1200 (2 payments of $600)

Half due when you book, and Balance due the day of intensive 

Angie Hardison on a computer
Your First Steps Are

Book A Call

Let's set up a time to talk on zoom, or in chat and see if VIP days are a great fit for you. If you know this is the service for you, I'll send you an invoice.

Strategy Session

We go over your must do's as well as wish list tasks and any other information I may need to make the project a success and get ready to tackle that list.

Do the Pre-Work

Fill out questionnaires and gather assets I'll need to complete your VIP day.

Your VIP Day

Execution of the VIP day, I'll be checking in with you throughout the day for progress. At the end of the day we will hop back on a quick call to celebrate.